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Automotive Merchandising

Upgrade your vehicle merchandising with a high-resolution full vehicle
capture! Detailed captures include coverage of the vehicle’s interior,
exterior, engine bay, trunk, wheels, and technology. After the vehicle
capture is complete, photos are processed through Adobe
Photoshop/Lightroom and uploaded to the respective dealer website.

Upon vehicle clearance from the detailing department, the unit is captured externally
from the front, corners, sides, rear, and wheels. Profound attention to detail is given to
the vehicle’s cleanliness, presentation, and tire orientation before capture.

Interior Photos

After the vehicle’s exterior photos are taken, the vehicle is prepped for
interior capture. Technology is set to ON/OFF (depending on dealer preference), seatbelts are adjusted, the trunk is emptied, the sunroof is exposed, and the vents are in the appropriate positions. Detailed photos
are taken of the entire interior, including seats, technology, and features.

Exterior Photos


Banner Integration

Cover photos are important, always ensuring the car is aligned with the dealership in the back with room for the Banner is key. Banners give the potential buyer information to contact the Dealer to initiate the purchase.

Uploading & Merchandising

Once the capture, editing, banner creation, and file organization are
complete, uploading and merchandising is the final step. Each captured
vehicle will be individually uploaded to its respective stock cards on the
dealer website. Each unit will be noted on the invoice for bi-weekly or
monthly payments.

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